Thursday, April 30, 2009

production mode

Right now I am trying to increase my stock of handspun yarns for the upcoming Ladyfest Ottawa craftsale which is fast approaching! Here is what that looks like...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new doll on etsy!

just a quick note..I posted a new doll on my etsy toy shop, 'rooted toys'

Monday, April 20, 2009

This weekend was an exciting one around here. With a visit from dear friends, beautiful weather for being outside, church rummage sales and a birthday party..we were joyfully busy!

I mentioned that I would post some of the birthday gifts I made for Sonika. First, this is the little buttercup child I made based on the pattern in The Nature Corner. I was so happy with this! I think she turned out quite sweetly and buttercups ARE one of Sonika's favorites...

These dollies were the first ever dolls I made at a doll-making workshop at the Halton Waldorf School back in 2005. The faces of both had been drawn on in marker ( was heartbreaking at the time..but when a 3 year-old wants her doll to wear facepaint....), and were generally grungy from years of love. I decided finally to take the heads right of and apply new outer fabric for the face. I have to say, this was one of the most fulfilling projects I've done in a while! I have made a lot of improvement in the are of doll heads and faces in the intervening 4 years since I first made these dolls, and it shows! I wish I had a before and after....alas you'll have to settle for the cute after shots.....

Friday, April 17, 2009

spring crafting

After two weeks without a camera (having loaned it to my in-laws) during a particularly high volume crafting time, I am very excited to show some photos of spring-time creations.
First up, a teeny-tiny bunny knitted with some white mohair from my stash, along with a tiny carrot (as suggested by my husband..thanks!). I made one of these for each of the girls.

I also made these cute cloth baskets based on this idea. I loved using cotton batting in this is something that I wouldn't have considered before seeing it done! score one more for craft blogs!!

Next I'll update you on my seasonal table. I have been especially inspired this spring, and I'd like to think it shows! The tray of moss and lichen was collected by the children on a recent hike.

The tied wool bunnies were made by Azzurra...

Finally, I wanted to share some amazing free thrifted items that I scored while at the Re-use Centre at the McDonalds Corner's dump! I have been hearing aboput the Re-use Centre for ages and can't believe it has taken me this long to actually go there.
In this photo you can see a silk shirt that I will use to make a fairy doll for the seasonal table, a wool sweater for felting and crafting into something, a hilarious vintage potholder, amazing japanese fabric and a bag for keeping herbs in the fridge.

Here is a closer shot of the super-cool japanese fabric.

Later on tonight or tomorrow I will post photos of the birthday items I made for Sonika. Cheers!

Monday, April 13, 2009

5 years!

Five years ago today Bryan, Azzurra and I first welcomed little Sonika earthside. She is a joy and an inspiration. Her creativity and humour continue to amaze us.
We love you Sonika!

Friday, April 3, 2009

spring time

Today was spent organizing the house and cleaning and of course, a bit of crafting. We finally cleaned out the explosion of stuff from the spare room that was a side-effect of our recent bathroom reno, the results of which are pictured at left, minus the baseboard trim which is the last thing left to do. This photo was actually taken the day we installed the vanity, so the bathroom does not look as 'lived in' as it does now. I am really digging the calm colours in there, even though I resisted giving up the apple green paint job we enjoyed for the last two years.

I finally had a chance to dye some wool in 'palest blue' which will be spun into a heavy worsted weight singles yarn for my fellow crafter, the super talented Becky of the sweetie pie press and city of craft, among many other things. Becky and I have worked out a trade where she will make me custom pleasurecraft pins in exchange for some I love to barter! I am hoping to have her yarn done in a couple of days, right now I am waiting for the roving to dry, and I will certainly post photos when I am all done.