Friday, July 22, 2005

oh my! a post!

so, inspired by all the neat blogs i've been reading lately, i have decided to actually post something to mine!
i am just worried that i won't have enough interesting or witty things to say on here.. and i can't seem to post a darn photo. anyone out there reading this could help make things way more interesting by giving me a couple of hints.
so, right now i am working on the yoke vest from loop d loop. it is coming along qiute nicely, and quickly since i am using sz 13 needles and a fairly bulky yarn. i wish i owned the book, but for now i am working off a potocopy made for me by cheryl of tangled skeins in dartmouth, my new favoritest spot to procure yarn.. well, tied with gaspereau valley fibres which i had the pleasure of visiting when tina was here. we actually hitchhiked there. it was well worth it!

okay, so this has been pretty short, but i am being called away by the duties of motherhood...

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

it's a start

so, here is my blog...