Friday, April 17, 2009

spring crafting

After two weeks without a camera (having loaned it to my in-laws) during a particularly high volume crafting time, I am very excited to show some photos of spring-time creations.
First up, a teeny-tiny bunny knitted with some white mohair from my stash, along with a tiny carrot (as suggested by my husband..thanks!). I made one of these for each of the girls.

I also made these cute cloth baskets based on this idea. I loved using cotton batting in this is something that I wouldn't have considered before seeing it done! score one more for craft blogs!!

Next I'll update you on my seasonal table. I have been especially inspired this spring, and I'd like to think it shows! The tray of moss and lichen was collected by the children on a recent hike.

The tied wool bunnies were made by Azzurra...

Finally, I wanted to share some amazing free thrifted items that I scored while at the Re-use Centre at the McDonalds Corner's dump! I have been hearing aboput the Re-use Centre for ages and can't believe it has taken me this long to actually go there.
In this photo you can see a silk shirt that I will use to make a fairy doll for the seasonal table, a wool sweater for felting and crafting into something, a hilarious vintage potholder, amazing japanese fabric and a bag for keeping herbs in the fridge.

Here is a closer shot of the super-cool japanese fabric.

Later on tonight or tomorrow I will post photos of the birthday items I made for Sonika. Cheers!

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