Friday, April 3, 2009

spring time

Today was spent organizing the house and cleaning and of course, a bit of crafting. We finally cleaned out the explosion of stuff from the spare room that was a side-effect of our recent bathroom reno, the results of which are pictured at left, minus the baseboard trim which is the last thing left to do. This photo was actually taken the day we installed the vanity, so the bathroom does not look as 'lived in' as it does now. I am really digging the calm colours in there, even though I resisted giving up the apple green paint job we enjoyed for the last two years.

I finally had a chance to dye some wool in 'palest blue' which will be spun into a heavy worsted weight singles yarn for my fellow crafter, the super talented Becky of the sweetie pie press and city of craft, among many other things. Becky and I have worked out a trade where she will make me custom pleasurecraft pins in exchange for some I love to barter! I am hoping to have her yarn done in a couple of days, right now I am waiting for the roving to dry, and I will certainly post photos when I am all done.

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sweetie pie press said...

ooooh. i can hardly wait! send me some artwork, too. digital layout is my 'drying roving'.