Friday, February 19, 2010

Island Living

Living on an island means that I spend a lot of time on the ferry. It takes about 1/2 an hour each way, and for me, it can be a great time to be social, to knit, read, or quietly ponder the magnitude and beauty of this amazing, great lake that I live on.

Recently, the wind and cold caused a thick sheet of ice to form along the ends of the ferry, where the spray from the lake was freezing on contact.
It was a beautiful, magical, comical sight. Here it is captured late at night in all it's cold, eerie glory.

(and, yes, the bottom photo does indeed have a sign to warn us that the stairs are slippery!)


leah b said...

wow, so incredible! those pictures are surreal. they almost look like tiny, frozen models.

roisin said...

oh, wow! that is indeed incredible. I loved taking the ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth, a great time to think.