Tuesday, January 26, 2010

One small change

I am participating in Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change campaign. The basic idea is that all of us make one small change toward sustainability each month until Earth Day, and all these 'small' changes might just add up to something BIG!
I am joining a little late, and really wanted to get a post up right away about my change, so I have truly chosen a small one, but one that will be a big deal for me nonetheless.
I am going to only use a reusable coffee/tea mug from now on. This is big for me because I typically do not remember to bring one with me, and just end up buying my drink in a disposable container. I won't be doing that any more. If I forget my mug, tough. And since I don't have money to be buying 10 reusable mugs, I can't cheat, so I figure it won't take me long to get the hang of it!

Above is a photo of my mug in all it's rust coloured glory. I got it for 50 cents at the MEC gear swap last fall! Actually, MEC has an online gear swap, which is worth checking out if you are in need of any outdoor gear. Could be the seeds of another small change.

I have bigger plans in mind for my February change, which I will post about at the beginning of next week.

Above is a photo of me taken by my husband on a walk we took with friends behind our property last week. We live on Wolfe Island, along with about 1200 other people and 86 wind turbines! This one is about a kilometre behind our house.


Emma said...

awesome! I like this change. I always try to keep a spare travel mug in my car, just in case I forget the one I usually carry.

ps. I love that you live on an island, I've always thought that would be fun!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Great change!! I am so glad you found us and I look forward to hearing about future changes! This would be a hard one for me also, as I usually pop into coffee shops on a whim without my mug...I am working on this though!

abbie said...

This is a great change. I really like your "tough, if you forget" philosophy! I hadn't heard of the MEC before, and it looks really interesting. Thanks for this tip!