Monday, January 9, 2012

post city

Since a month (one which included a lot of activity!), has passed since City of Craft, I'm going to let the following photos do most of the talking here. Suffice it to say, I had a most excellent time, and as usual, feel honoured to be part of this tremendously special indie craft event. Thanks to the folks who work so tirelessly and to put this on. Your dedication is an inspiration. Can't wait till next year!

from the street

Wolfe Island Woolworks

Wolfe Island Woolworks

view from my booth


true craft

This last one is courtesy of Have & Hold Design, who operated a beautiful photobooth just down the way from me.

City of Craft Photo Booth 2011
Thanks to all my bff's for spending part of your day with me, you guys are the greatest.


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