Thursday, October 6, 2011

In the dyepot this week...

Here are some photos from a dye session I did a couple of days ago. I am very happy with the colourways I achieved, even if they are different from what I had in mind!

You can see just how low-tech my kettle dyeing set-up is. Complete with wood that needs splitting in the background.

A close-up of a swampy green colour combo.

An autumny colourway inadvertently matching a mohair blanket on my porch

And a new (for me) variation on one of my favourite blends of colour, yellow and grey.

I have done a bunch of spinning already and am excited to share photos here tomorrow. For those of you in Kingston I will be selling yarn today and subsequent Thursdays, 12-3:30, at the market at Mulberry Waldorf School.


Anonymous said...


Your blog is amazing! I love how you spin and dye your own wool, it is somehting that I have been looking into myself lately. I love the wool itself before it is spun and I have tried to knit this before as it is and it looked quite amazing however overtime it would obviously start to look a bit messy, I was just wondering if you can spin this wool on its own but so the thickness stays very large?

Thankyou in advance for your help!


how to convert vob to wmv said...

Your blog is awesome. I like the way you spin and dye the wool. It is something different and unique. Specially the autumny colourway is very new concept. I like it very much.