Tuesday, June 8, 2010

tie-ing the knot

Anyone who knows me personally knows that this weekend coming, one of my best friends is getting married, and that I am the maid-of-honour. Outside of all the regular duties that that entails, I am also putting my crafting skills to work. I have signed on to make ties for the groomsmen, bow ties for the ring-bearers, and flower girl dresses for my daughters. The bride is a woman of extremely high tastes, and luckily for me that has meant working with Duppioni silk for all of these projects.

The ties are the fist project up. They were made using this amazing tutorial from the Purl Bee. They are fairly easy to make, but with all that hand sewing, they are quite time consuming. The tutorial was put up for Father's Day last year, and seeing as that time is just around the corner, I would encourage any of you to make one of these for the special man in your life. I am making a couple of cotton print ones for Bryan, too.

Stay tuned for bow ties and flower girl dresses. Here is a sneak preview of the one of the dresses!


Anonymous said...

the dress looks so cute :)

Claire Louise Milne said...

Everything looks beautiful! thanks for the link, I'd like to try making some ties..

kristyn said...

thanks claire!
they were really fun to make. i made them a bit thinner (request of the groom), kind of mod-like.
one thing i would recommend is to use less interfacing than called for if you are using a medium weight fabric. they light, iron -on and heavy non=fusible combined with the silk made for a too stiff tie.
the last two i made only with the non-fusible and they feel great!!