Friday, March 5, 2010

out of commission

Since my last post I have:

-taught a wonderful group of fledgling spinners
-celebrated an amazing hockey victory with dear old friends
-spent the week teaching handwork for a Waldorf grade 1+2 class
-started a knitting circle at my children's school
-had a complete muscle spasm/seizure in my neck
-been to the chiropractor and for xrays
-fought off a throat virus/infection?

Is it any wonder I haven't posted all week?

Below are some photos (taken by Becky and Tina off their flickr..hope you guys don't mind!) of last Sunday's Church of Craft spinning workshop. Thanks to all who came. I had fun!

Spinning WorkshopSpinning Workshop
spinning workshop 2b
spinning workshop 3b


sweetie pie press said...

of course i do not mind. you came all the way here to teach us a thing. i can't stop, either!

i hope you start feeling better soon. these collapses so often have a domino effect on each other.

sweetie pie press said...
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tina said...

Plz come back soon!!

leah b said...

You're amazing(!), and I do hope you're on the mend when this delayed response finds you. This was a really, really nice final CofC for me.

Also, I think I understand spinning now -- like really, kind of understand the logic of it. I can't wait for my spindle to arrive in the mail!