Friday, June 5, 2009

One Day Beret

Well, this beret became the one-week-beret, but it wasn't at all slow in the knitting, I started it one night watching a movie, or maybe hockey about half-way through, and then picked it up a week later at work and finished hte rest off. It was made with my handspun, thick/thin heavy worsted/bulky singles, in a colourway I called 'toast'.
I like this simple pattern, because it's knit top down, and therefore suitable for yarn of any just stop increasing when you've got the right size! I will make this pattern again in a worsted weight yarn.

1 comment:

Julianna said...

Beautiful! I love the yarn and the hat. The colours are so yummy looking (like honey and butter). Toast is the best name ever for a clourway :)