Friday, June 26, 2009

at long last...

Well, almost a week after the fact (we have spent a lot of time at the lake the last few days), here are some photos of the busy weekend we spent peddling yarn in Kingston and Toronto. First, a couple more production shots of the day or two leading up to last weekend:

Here is the booth we had at the Skeleton Park Music Festival, it was a super rainy day, but we had fun, and did okay despite the weather.

I will be posting more photos of this event over at the Material Girls blog.

Next up, the Spring Garden Trunk Sale put on by City of Craft and hosted by the always amazing Workroom

Doing these small trunk shows is just about the most inspiring way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Besides the fact that I get to fabric gaze the whole time....

(yes i spent most of my earnings on fabric and also finally got a copy of Heather Ross' book Weekend Sewing)

....but, I also get to become intimate with my fellow crafters merchandise! My absolute favorite being Bespoke Uprising, which is Roison, a super talented and friendly lady..And just check out those bloomers! Many of her fabrics are hand-dyed and her original silkscreened images are oh so lovely.

So, all said it was a fantastic weekend. And to think, it's Friday again already!

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