Monday, May 18, 2009

holiday monday

Here I am at home on the Monday of the Victoria Day, or as it is so affectionately known, the 'May 2-4' weekend. Funny to think of what a big deal this first long weekend of the long party season was as a teenager...
Our family is spending it at home with some clean-up projects (the lawn finally gets mowed for the first time this spring) and soon we will be heading out to check out this chamber music concert in Brooke Valley.

I worked at the Farmers Market this weekend for the first time...other than the torrential downpour it went pretty well! The Material Girls Collective was well received indeed.
While at the market, I picked up the following very lovely local produce:

Gorgeous flowering chives and wild leeks courtesy of Coral, Queen Beet.

The wild leeks then became this very tasty pesto...just the leeks (greens and all), come olive oil, cashews and salt. is a slightly blurry (he moves so fast!) shot of little Baz after sneaking a fingerful of the pesto for himself...

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