Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fantastic Weekend!

To start the weekend off, the Ladyfest craftsale was really fun, and while not the huge financial success it was for me back in December, I made a couple of good connections and bought and/or traded for some amazing handmade stuff, including a great purse from lines by: davis, sweet printed t-shirt from pinpals, lovely printed shirt and leather earrings from loot by stina b. and a super-sweet necklace and tote from wine on sundays.
I also met Anita of The Warm Hands Network, and I am very excited to hopefully be working with them! What an amazing and worthwhile cause.

On Sunday, for Mother's Day, I was treated to a lovely breakfast in bed, handmade gifts from the kids and flowers they bought from the Farmer's Market. Then we packed into the car and headed into Ottawa to visit the International Pavilion of the Tulip Festival where we gorged ourselves on amazing foods from Turkey, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico and beyond. Much fun was had by all!


Julianna said...

Hi Kristyn! I had a really nice time meeting you at the craft fair and am loving the wool I bought from you - it's dyed very beautifully :) And your hand-spun looks great, too!

Lyndsey said...

Wow, that wool looks beautiful! I'm a sucker for good-looking yarn :-)

tizi said...

How beautiful,
I love the orange skein and would love to buy it if it's available:(