Saturday, March 28, 2009

wool and sun

I spent the better part of yesterday out in the yard dyeing wool while basil played and explored. That little boy sure loves to be outdoors! And his mama sure loves her wool! Here are some of the results of yesterday's dye session:

It is dry now, and I will post the spun photos as soon as I can! I think this wool will meet my wheel tonight...

Also, last night I finished the diaper cover I have been making dor Basil, based on the wonderful curly purly soaker pattern. I haven't taken any finished, or "action" shots of it yet, but here is an image of it almost done, just waiting for me to add the second leg cuff.

I purchased the wool for it at the NY Sheep and Wool Festival last year. It was something ridiculous like, $3 for a 400 yard skein from a discount seller...score! I have enough left over for another project, too!

In other news, our seasonal table is coming together quite nicely. The seaonal table has been something that I've struggled with a bit. It just always seemed to be the thing that got cut off the to-do list. We had a nice space for one when we lived in Halifax, and kept it up well, but in out home in Perth, we never could seem to find the right spot. Recently, though, I gave up on the idea of trying to make it 'perfect', (how good it feels to let go of that one..) and we have focused on a "seasons tree" as a focus, with small items placed around it. I am also working on making a nice mother earth doll who will live there.

The little blossom fairies appeared the day we saw the first snowdrops and crocus blooms. They are based on a pattern in Feltcraft.

These daffodils sure add some spring sunshine!

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tizi said...

Everything looks just soo inviting!
Happy Springtime!